Why Do I Need a Web Development Company?

Tizgee specializes in website development work for small businesses. The question we hear most often when we first begin our conversation with a small business is, “Why do I need to work with a web development company when I can go to XYZ.com where I can build my site for free?”
This is certainly a legitimate concern. Dollars and cents matter to any business, but, for a small business, dollars and cents translate into life or death for their company. Putting money into website development must be a justifiable expense.
So, what are the benefits of working with a professional web development company? We feel there are three primary reasons why a small business should choose to have their website developed professionally:
1. Digital Marketing
A website is a marketing vehicle, not simply a flat billboard that you list on a business card because you are “supposed” to have a website. Tizgee helps you redesign your website to become your most prominent marketing mechanism. We create a polished, unified digital marketing experience and help you drive your social media marketing, your print publications, and your email campaigns to your website where you can showcase the wonderful services and products offered by your company.
2. Website Design
Website design is critical to ensure that an organization’s brand is upheld and that the users have a consistent experience throughout the website. The design, brand strategy, usability and technology are all interwoven elements, critical in ensuring that site visitors find the content they are looking for quickly and easily in an aesthetically pleasing website that conveys a positive message about your company.
3. Content Development
Tizgee provides guidance about where content belongs in the new website and how content may need to be modified or recreated to align with the new website. We help move existing content to the new website and provide suggestions about how content can be modified for the web. Tizgee can also help Clients develop new content for their websites to better showcase their products and services.
Tizgee offers a range of web design and development services with small businesses in mind. Our price points are consistent with small business budgets, and we provide the level of personalized service small businesses need and deserve. Please contact us to schedule a complimentary review of your website. 
By Joey M. Gupta on December 1, 2014 | Topics: Digital Marketing, Web Development

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